Book review: Johnny Danger Lie Another Day

Johnny Danger Lie Another Day by Peter Millett, (Penguin Random House)

HB RRP $14.99

ISBN 9780143309055

Jaquelyn Muller Books book review Johnny Danger

Reviewed by Jaquelyn Muller 

Republished with the permission of BuzzWords

Combining the class and gadgetry of James Bond and the pun-filled (yet age appropriate) humour of Austin Powers, Johnny Danger explodes in this spy-loving adventure for 8-12 year olds.

 Johnny Dangerfield is so desperate to be a spy, he creates a fake online spy identity (Johnny Danger) but his plans take a Mach 3 trajectory when M16 recruits Johnny to help them save the world. If anyone finds out he is just a school boy pretending to be a spy, being grounded will be the last of his problems.

This latest Johnny Danger case in Lie Another Day from Peter Millett, (Boy Zero Wannabe Hero and the award winning, The ANZAC Puppy) features spy faker Johnny Dangerfield, his stoic partner Penelope Pounds and a cast of conniving criminal underminds in a riotous chapter book for middle-grade readers. 

Johnny and his spy partner must thwart a plan to poison the human race, that lead them on a submarine mission to the Amazon jungle. Defeating evil no-gooders such as Dr Disastrous, Major Pain and henchmen 2A and 2B, (affectionately known as the number 2s) is not all work for Johnny, as this light-hearted book reflects on the horrors of older (and somewhat vengeful) siblings and unhinged parents that readers in this age group will relate to. 

The story’s school and home references warm  readers to Johnny’s character and his constant challenges. Expecting anyone to save the world AND make their bed is surely unreasonable if not downright disrespectful!  

Readers of the Andy Roid or Ben 10 series of books will find Johnny Danger a slightly more humorous outing but still a pacey read. I also loved the secret hidden code. How long will it take you to work it out?