A 'rawther' fancy Christmas

A highlight of any trip to New York City would have to be a visit to the iconic Plaza Hotel. Its imposing shadow over Central Park, delivers on years of anticipation built from books and movies, so you can imagine how the idea of having Christmas lunch at the famed Palm Court, summoned my inner Eloise. Arriving in our Christmas day finery, we were greeted in the Plaza foyer by a Christmas tree that sang “your Christmases have not existed till now”! As someone that considers herself to be a lover of all things festive, my annual ornamentation now seemed sad and ill conceived so I made a mental note that next year - the gloves are coming off!

Up until this point I was doing ‘rawther’ well and despite wanting to ‘skipperdee’ around in a circle, I was managing to keep myself composed…..then I saw the dessert table!!!

Built completely from chocolate, cream and caramel with each delight created in miniature, entrees and main courses were merely distractions as the end game came closer and the dessert buffet called hauntingly. I have one rule around Christmas day food consumption, if it feels good – do it, and I was in the perfect environment to give this a good crack. My biggest challenge? How would I make 3 trips to the dessert table without drawing gasps and hand-hidden sniggers from fellow patrons? Luckily we were all in good company and I was not the only one heading back to the platter with the salted-caramel slice thingy, the description of its taste best served by the vision of my eyes rolling back in my head.

At this point it is important to mention that the mood of the table could not have been happier. Travel highlights, laughter and endless compliments about our surroundings made it one of the most memorable Christmas days ever. Even though we were thousands of kilometres from home and Millie the Cavoodle, a sad absentee, it reminded us that you can make any Christmas fabulous so long as you are with loved ones and a bottle of Eno!

Thank you Eloise!

Postscript: No dignity or self-respect was harmed during the research for this article.