'Elizabeth Rose on Parade' book launch

Front coverIt only seems like yesterday that I came down from the sugar crash after launching 'I Love You 5 Lollipops', and here I am celebrating the release of 'Elizabeth Rose on Parade'! Time has whizzed by quicker than a rouge merry-go-round at a rave, but it is clearly a sign that I am having a hoot in the fantastical world of Elizabeth Rose with creative partner, Kathryn Zammit. Producing our second book together was so disappointingly quick, that my double espressos barely had a chance to wear off. Before I knew it, I was ripping open the bubble wrap once more and happy dancing around the bedroom, while Millie (aka Millicent Olivia Muller) the cavoodle stared on ready to hit the speed dial for an ambulance (when I dance, there are usually injuries)!





Organising a book launch creates excitement and just a little anxiety! Will people really care about my book enough to sneak the kids out for an unscheduled mid-week event, risk the wrath of the gymnastics instructor for ditching a lesson only to have to talk their children down of a wall made from sugar, glitter and glue sticks? Luckily for me, yes they did! Apparently a Tuesday afternoon soiree helps get any hassled parent through to Thursday which is apparently the new Friday which means it's the weekend! You are welcome!

So a midst the very groovy surrounds of Servery and Spoon in East Malvern (who by the way can get grated vegies into anything without kids knowing),  little poppets busied themselves with lots of arty activities while daring each other to consume their own body weight in lollipops! Many of our young party goers had no idea what to expect from a book launch - I think I may have bred some converts!



Everyone got to be a part of the circus for an afternoon, assuming the identity of  their favorite circus performer. There were lots of clowns, tight rope walkers, acrobats, showgirls and jugglers with strangely most mum's opting to be 'lion tamers'?

So as I declare  'Elizabeth Rose on Parade', officially launched (I really need a saber instead of my Staedtler HB), I extend a warm thank you to all that not only came along, but to those who always support and encourage me, those who politely ignore my childish behavior  and those that encourage it. Special mentions of course have to go to Greg, Grace and Elizabeth and the talented Kathryn Zammit who I am proud to have as a creative partner and friend. To writerly friend and mentor Alison Reynolds, Debbie Hatswell from Story Mama and all round literary wizard, Dee White; thank you for your support with my launch week blog tour, your kindness is appreciated.

To everyone else who may just be curious enough to delve into its pages, I hope you love Elizabeth Rose's latest outing, she is no doubt going to need a good nap afterwards!

For those wishing to order personally signed copies of either I Love You 5 Lollipops or Elizabeth Rose on Parade, (they make rather beautiful Christmas gifts), you can purchase them directly from my online shop .

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