Festive choccy slice

Choc sliceOne of my favourite things about food (apart from the never-gets-old attraction of stuffing it in my face), is spending time with my girls cooking, drooling over food photos and sharing recipes with friends. When you share a recipe around, you often find people make their own little adjustments which in the end, leads to a dish created by a lovely circle of friends and family pouring, mixing or roasting their story  into it. This decadent choccy slice was one I found through a vegan recipe book that I altered and then passed on to my lovely neighbour Eve (so appropriate for a Christmas recipe don't you think?). She added the festive bits (the cranberries and coconut) which turned it into a healthy alternative to a Cherry Ripe (you're welcome).  It's a roll your eyes, teeth sticking slice, perfect to give to anyone who is gluten intolerant or a bit health conscious.

We all love a home made foodie gift at Christmas so give this one a go, Elizabeth Rose and Gran always love making messes in the kitchen!

What recipes do you love sharing around?



1 cup of raw almondsTickle gran 1 cup of raw macadamias 1 cup of medjool dates, pitted 3/4 cup cacao powder 1/2 - 3/4 cup melted coconut oil Rock salt to taste 2 tbls organic almond spread (Jaq's bit) 3/4 cup coconut (Eve's bit) 3/4 cup dried cranberries (Eve's other bit) More coconut for sprinkling on top (Eve gets fancy pants now)


In a food processor, blend the almonds and macadamias together to create a fine meal. Add the dates, cacao, coconut oil, almond spread, coconut and rock salt  and blend until fudgy and dense. Pour into a bowl and mix in the cranberries with a spoon. Press into a freezer save dish and sprinkle with extra coconut and freeze for 2 -3 hours (I find it usually only needs about 1.5 hours to freeze, but see how you go).